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Katalog wyrobów

Bevel gears

All constructions are calculated for strenght, stamina and other constucional requirements. 
We have got capabilities to create the geometry of teeth from a drawing, set of required features or even from demage gear set.

1. Spiral bevel and hypoid gears
  • Gleason      
                                 Modules range 0,5 – 13 mm 
                                 Max. diameter – 800 mm
  • Oerlikon      
                                 Modules range 2-10 mm
                                 Max. diameter – 630 mm 

2. Straight bevel gears Coniflex – Comvoid
                                Modules range 1,5-10 mm
                                Max. diameter – 500 mm

3. Special gears
                                Max. diameter >600mm
                                Axis angle ≠ 90º.